Your event is special – unique. There is no other event like yours. So, why should you have a presentation that has been used before? Choose from one of the topics below or combine several of them together. If you still have not found the perfect solution, let Mike customize a presentation specific to your event.

Most of us are moving through our lives wondering what our purpose is here on Earth, and how we can fulfill our reason for being here. In this inspiring presentation, Mike addresses the universal desire of humans to leave a legacy–to somehow bring something better into the world than was there before you, and wouldn’t exist if you had not existed. Through stories from his own personal experience, those of people in his life, and others who he has had the fortune to cross paths with, Mike shares how to overcome adversity and excel in each moment. Your legacy is your daily journey, not merely a destination or final moment in time. Gymnasts end their routines with a “strong finish,” arched back and raised hands declaring that routine the best example of their work in that moment, that they gave their very best on that performance.

Through this moving presentation, you will:

  • Learn to “stick your landing” and give the appearance of total control in your life’s “performances”
  • Stop your “someday” procrastination and get busy NOW
  • Practice changing the world by changing one life at a time, starting with your own
  • Learn 3 guiding principles to make a difference through your choices
  • Recognize that part of overcoming adversity is the willingness to accept help from others
  • Identify the 8 tips to go from dreamer to achiever
  • Prepare your goals the SMART way
  • Understand the power of small gestures to make a huge impact
  • Explore 4 guiding principles on being a hero

Don’t wait until retirement or the end of your life to think about your strong finish–the legacy you are leaving behind. Start now, and send the message every day that you gave your absolute best to the world!

Keynote or Workshop
1-2 Hours

Do you really believe anything is possible? We often hear this phrase and think it can be true for someone else, but not for us. Mike takes us from talking theoretically about what is possible for us to walking the talk in this inspiring and eye-opening presentation. Do you own up to your possibilities? Are you living up to your full potential? If the answer is no, then you need to take a hard look at what you really believe is true about yourself and what you are capable of. When you own the possibility of what you can be, do or have, your life begins to move in that direction. Get yourself out of your own way and start taking action towards what you really want.

In this presentation you will:

  • Build your confidence in yourself and release old habits of thinking
  • Develop new possibilities for your life
  • Define your values so that your actions are in alignment
  • Generate new actions to take to move you toward your goals
  • Practice walking your talk to get real results
  • Learn how to identify reasonable risks

Be confident in what you are capable of and what is possible for you. Take the risks to move beyond what you think is probable or likely, and get into action today to create your new reality. Own it!

Keynote or Workshop
1-2 Hours

There is a saying that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Prospects are people who need to know that you care about them and their needs, especially when making enormous life decisions as they are in the senior living industry. Mike takes his proven sales principles to a new level in this interactive and heart-based presentation on sales in the person-focused industry, based on his book, “Stop Selling and Start Caring.” Move from a money mentality to a service solution, closing sales faster and with more ease than you ever thought possible. Mike helps you understand the psychology of the sales process through a customer-focused lens, using his simple, yet profound, P-Effect framework to walk you and your prospect through the process from beginning to end.

You will learn:

  • To implement the five-step sales process as a habit, with a heart of service
  • The importance of building rapport with the decision maker AND his or her family
  • How to treat your prospects and customers like the VIPs they are
  • To get to the true objections and overcome them with the AHA process
  • Why rapport is the most important step of the process, and how to build it
  • To use the Selling at Combat Speed process over the phone and in person, with authenticity
  • How to use the P-Effect to sell to the four Behavior Styles

Get your heart back into your sales, knowing you are facilitating the best choice for the seniors you serve. Immediately apply your new habits of sales service and send your closing ratios off the charts!

Keynote or Workshop
1-2 Hours
1/2 Day
1 Day
2 Days

Are you ready to become a sales warrior–someone who is so familiar with the most effective sales process that you can act without thinking and close the deal? In Mike’s engaging and transforming presentation based on his book, “Selling at Combat Speed–Finding the Inner Sales Warrior,” you will learn to instinctively respond to every aspect of the sales process in the best way possible. One of the greatest challenges today’s salespeople face is knowing what to do but not actually implementing it. Mike’s simple and straightforward P-Effect sales process takes the guesswork out of sales, and helps you see immediate results. Quickly qualify your potential customers, plan the sales process, build genuine rapport, and double your closing ratio with his five-step approach.

As a result of this presentation you will:

  • Gain 12 strategies to improve your listening skills and build rapport with prospects
  • Know the five magic words you MUST use to close the sale
  • Learn how following the Platinum Rule builds rapport in EVERY interaction
  • Define your values and align them with SMART goals for your sales success
  • Turn your KASH (Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills and Habits) into cash
  • Implement four tips to get out of the Failure Syndrome and stay out
  • Put the seven P-Effect Laws to work in your business
  • Explore the nine tips for confirming the sale
  • Discover the five principles of creative negotiation
  • Maximize the impact of your follow up with six tips

Take these strategies home and begin implementing them immediately for the results you want. Get ready to explode your business, acting on trained instinct like the sales warrior you were meant to be!

Keynote or Workshop
1-2 Hours

1/2 Day

1 Day

2 Days

You have the choice every day to be a hero to someone in your life, or someone you’ve never met. For some of us, we have automatic opportunities to reach out and make a difference in the life of another. For others, we must look for those opportunities, or be surprised when they are handed to us without our asking. In Mike’s motivational and inspiring presentation, he shares about paying it forward–doing those little things that can make a huge difference in the life of another person. Paying it forward is not about a sense of duty or obligation, it is about being human. We are given the chance on a daily basis to be the person who saves a life through a gesture, kind word or thoughtful act. Mike teaches us how to open up to those opportunities and step into action–no cape required.

You will learn:

  • How to be extraordinary even when you think you’re merely ordinary
  • The guiding principle that sometimes helping someone else really saves yourself
  • To do the small things even if you never know the impact
  • To identify several small and large ways you can practice being a hero
  • Three guiding principles on giving back and paying it forward
  • Four guiding principles on how to be a hero and to acknowledge the hero in others

Ready to be a hero? You’re making an impact on others with everything you do–it is up to you whether it is a positive or negative impact. You have what it takes to be a hero today, and remember, your best is yet to come! Be a hero – the cape is optional!

Keynote or Workshop
1-2 Hours

The military does an amazing job of grooming its leaders at a very young age. Men and women in their early 20?s are given more responsibility than most people will ever achieve in their professional careers. What leadership lessons can we take from the military and apply to corporate America? In Mike’s hard-hitting, impactful presentation, he shares his experience from the trenches to the office. Leaders come in all forms, and are distinct from managers. Leadership is not a given because of your job title–it is a set of actions and values that you live from every day. Mike examines the differences between managers and leaders, helping you to take on the mantle of leadership and move beyond just being a manager or positional leader.

You will learn:

  • Key differences between managers and leaders
  • To focus more on people in order to boost your leadership abilities
  • How lessons from combat can help you in the boardroom
  • How to balance the dual roles of manager and leader to be the best at both
  • To compare and contrast the different styles of leadership
  • Clear steps to creating leadership transformation in your work

True leadership demands integrity, discipline and heart. You will now have the tools and knowledge you need to transform yourself and your organization through leadership, whatever your job title. Go forth and lead!

Keynote or Workshop
1-2 Hours

You know the drill. You attend a workshop, training or seminar and leave all fired up, ready to go out and make a big impact in the world. Your soul gets stirred up to make big changes. But within a few weeks, your fire has burnt down to embers, still there, but not enough to get you through the changes you envisioned. Before long, you forget all about the big difference you wanted to make, no longer believing you have what it takes. In Mike’s new take on motivational speaking, he helps you move from the fired up experience at the event to long-term, sustainable changes in your life.

You will learn:

  • How to know when change is needed
  • The simple steps to creating sustainable change
  • To harness the power of SMART goals aligned with your values
  • To spread the impact of your changes beyond yourself
  • How to maintain your motivation over the long-term
  • That change is inevitable–you can go with the flow or resist it
  • How to fully embrace change while practicing flexibility and adaptability

Move beyond merely being stirred, and keep your motivation to change fired up. Get your fire stoked back up to an inspirational roar and create the difference you want to make in life!

Keynote or Workshop
1-2 Hours

Are you living your dreams? Do you still harbor secret dreams from childhood of what you wanted to be when you grew up? Now that you are grown, it’s time to start living those dreams! Mike takes you through his journey from childhood through the successes and failures of living out his dreams in this motivating and uplifting presentation. Create your vision for your future, map out your goals and actions to get you there and start living your dreams. It’s time to stop living a smaller life than you imagine for yourself, and go get your dreams.

Mike shows you how to:

  • Define what it is you really want, and create your vision
  • Identify your personal values so you can align your goals and actions
  • Create SMART goals that will get results
  • Follow the success steps to reach your goals
  • Break down each goal into realistic action steps
  • Move beyond your small thinking to dream bigger
  • Stay in gratitude and appreciation for what you already have and what you are reaching for

Your next success is just around the corner, but you have to believe it is possible and be willing to do what it takes to get there. Are you ready? Never stop dreaming!

Keynote or Workshop
1-2 Hours